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Founded in 2006, CTI is a tight-knit full service DMC.6 people are in the team, part of which working in this field for more than 20 years.
If you have not yet experienced it, we are sure that you will find working with CTI  team to be an enjoyable and invaluable investment!
We cover the whole of Italy.
Our strongest destinations are: Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence & Tuscany, Sicily, Sardinia, Lake Maggiore, Puglia.

Paolo Teruzzi

Caterina Teruzzi

Here we are brother and sister, Paolo & Caterina, sharing the love of seeing dreams come through!
Whilst we work hard, our Italian/Irish culture makes us also enjoy life and some times take us away from the Macs to have lots of fun with our clients!


At CTI we work with clients who challenge us to change their world, to come up with dreams that power the imagination, to lay the foundations and build the solution with precise design, meticulous planning and flawless execution every time.
We like to create and deliver events which animate your people, change attitudes and behavior.
We want people to remember long after we have downed tools.
We are not a huge company but we have very big ideas and display enormous resources to ensure that we manage the best team available, anywhere on your behalf.
We work with and around clients – Teamwork is our Key word.
We try always to improve our technology to optimise Communication, in order to have more time for Inspiration and Magic!
Our clients appreciate our skills and learned through the years that we are specialists that always try to go beyond the ordinary.

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Our offices ROME
+39-055-228 63 74
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+39-055-228 63 74
+39-055-230 60 85