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Vietri sul Mare, a small fishing village at the entrance of the Amalfi Coast, 10 minutes’ drive from Salerno. Since the fifteenth-century history, art and ceramic tradition still exist.
The Vietri culture is known around the world for the production of furnishing rigorously handmade tiles, that for their decors and colors, remember everyday life. The Ceramic Museum is located in Villa Guariglia di Raito the hilltop village of Vietri sul Mare And consists of three main sectors: the first includes objects linked to spiritual needs, religious and devotional, the second includes a rich documentation of objects that meet the material needs, the third illustrates, through various nominative sections, the so-called German period.

Thursday Tour will start at
09:30 Morning Session – 3 hours
Cost is 55 € Per Person – Including light Snack and Transfer
Minimum applies: 20 Pax